GoPro Ready HD Camera Drone Quadcopter

$ 119.99

GoPro Ready HD Camera Drone Quadcopter – Force1 F100 Long Range Drone for Beginners and Pros with Brushless Motors (Drone Camera Not Included)

  • SUPER-LONG FLIGHTS: Fly for longer duration than other drones – up to 15 min. with no HD drone camera attached; brush-less stunt motors cut resistance for smoother quadcopter flights
  • TRICKS + DO FLIPS : Great drone for beginners and Pro; easy to learn cool stunts with this GoPro camera ready quadcopter for teens, adults, men, women – anyone who wants to fly
  • BRUSHLESS MOTORS: Get more powers, quieter flight and better stability from this RC drones; one of our staff’s cool top gifts for kids, men, and women.
  • GOPRO-READY: We offer this drone without camera so you can equip with GoPro Hero 3 or 4; great kids drone and beginners drone for practice – take your camera out until you’re ready.
  • WITH EASY REMOTE CONTROL OPERATION: 1) Press and hold the red key, turn on the remote and release the key to get ready; 2) plug in the drone battery and listen for the beeps; 3) press down on the throttle then press the red key and away you go.
GoPro Ready HD Camera Drone Quadcopter


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