le-idea IDEA8 FPV RC Drone

$ 55.99

le-idea IDEA8- Stylish Funny FPV RC Drone with 720P HD WI-FI Camera Live Video , Foldable Selfie Pocket Drone for Kid & Beginner , Two Alititude Holds ,Two Cameras, Follow Me ,Gravity Sensor

  • 1): WI-FI FPV CAMERA : Le-idea with 720P Pixel Video & 2MP Photos , it will be automatically saved in your phone after shoot. Not only happy to share with your friends and family for using the photos and videos via APP share , But also can be easily directly stable control the drone via APP downloaded of mobile . (NOTE: The APP is suitable for GOOGLE PLAY & IOS System Above Versions 4.3 )
  • 2)OPTICAL FLOW POSITION CAMERA ( VISIUAL SYSTEM ) : In the bottom of the drone is equipped with optical flow position camera ,It can shoot pictures under the drone, it locks the height of the drone according to the change of the pictures, and also locks other the four directions (up,down,side fly by and  left/right .) Locks five directions totally . It is uses for making the pocket drone flight more easier and stable , and no longer to trim the directions any more once the drone drifts, hence its easy to use .
  • 3)TWO ALITITUDE HOLD for ONE KEY BUTTON/LANDING and STABLE: It is using pressure gravity sensor to lock the height, and lock the height of using visual system .
  • 4) ONE HAND REMOTE: Its response speed is faster 25 times than normal remote controller, in the back of the quad copter is equipped with the smallest gravity sensor remote controller, which can be hidden in adult’s palm/glove & etc . It can achieve fastest control the FPV Drone Performance functions . (NOTE: Due to its fast response time, please practice the selfie drone in empty void outside first.)
  • 5)FOLLOW ME : When the drone is hovering, please put your hands or take a book / ball under the optical flow position camera about 20-30 meters, while the drone acknowledges the item movement it will follow your hands and the books slowly .
le-idea IDEA8 FPV RC Drone

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